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Alexis, 18, east coast Virginia. I want to be an adventurer.
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This is a
new and dangerous
path I am
treading on.

And I don’t know
what kind of road
we are exploring
and you may or may not
be at the finish line,
but I am willing
to risk it
and figure it out,

I know
we will find
a way.

Ming D. LiuA Story A Day #94 (via mingdliu)

(via mingdliu)

Why do I feel like my ohana goes through all the same emotions… Like one of us will experience something and then in no time later another person will experience the same exact thing

Idk if it’s just because we’re all teenage girls kinda doin the same thing in life or we’ll just all connected in more ways than we really see

It’s both shocking, terrifying, and beautiful to notice

And it makes me love them all so much more


pro tip 

  1. don’t date a boy in college who lives in your building 
  2. don’t date a boy in college 
  3. don’t date a boy
  4. don’t date
  5. don’t 
  6. just don’t